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Birth alarm: when should your cow calve?
CowsOnWeb is a unique birth alarm for cows that can predict the birth of a calf many hours in advance.
You can request the data on your PC, tablet or smartphone. 

No more sleepless nights thanks to CowsOnWeb
Because we can predict the moment of the birth of the calf to a few hours, you are much freer: no more sleepless nights of waking, checking and being worried. Moreover, you can better plan the visit of the vet and save him unnecessary visits.

How does CowsOnWeb work?
We attach a sensor to the cow in the period somewhere between 4 and 21 days before the expected birth of the calf. The & nbsp; sensor measures the temperature of the cow very accurately every 10 minutes and sends the & nbsp; measured values ​​to our server.

When the calf is coming, this is clearly visible in the temperature graphs of your animal. These graphs can be consulted on your PC, smartphone or tablet at any time and anywhere.  According to veterinarians, temperature data is the best way to determine the moment of calving.
If a cow gets a fever or if the probe is no longer attached to the cow, we can also notify you by SMS or mail.

Why the CowsOnWeb birth alarm
The probe with the transmitter that measures and transmits the temperature is very compact and does not cause any hindrance for the cow. Only the narrow temperature sensor is in the sheath of the animal, so that cows do not suffer from it at all. This guarantees that no vaginal inflammations can occur even during prolonged use!

Detecting diseases
As an extra you get a good indicator of the health of your cow thanks to the measurements. This way you can detect and treat udder inflammation or other diseases early.

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CowsOnWeb was developed by Signum Engineering in collaboration with Inagro vzw