Signum Engineering was already in the spotlight at Agreon.
This quote comes from the Agreon newsletter of June 2015:

"Signum Engineering started the 'Cows On Web' project in 2012. 'Cows On Web' consists of two subsystems: a system that predicts the moment of calving and a draft detection system. The pregnant calf cow, which measures the body temperature every 15 minutes. As the calving approaches, the average body temperature drops, in some animals to more than one degree.After 12 to 36 hours the temperature rises again, this is the point where the birth is effective The farmer can follow the & nbsp; temperature course via his PC or smartphone in real time or receive a warning via SMS or mail when unforeseen circumstances occur.

'Cows on web' offers many advantages, not only for the farmer but also for the company cattle doctor. Because a thick-bottomed cow can not calve independently, a veterinarian must always be present. 'Cows on web' predicts the moment of the calving with great precision. For example, the farmer no longer needs to stand up for days at night to check with the cow and he can notify the vet in time to come by.

2017: The heat detection system is currently in the test phase. Research showed that cows moves differently at this moment. The system measures the movement of the animal and indicates to the farmer what is the ideal time to inseminate the cow.

When 'Cows On Web' started in 2012, the initial plan was to create a web application so that the farmer could follow his cows on the computer. Soon it became clear that the application should also be available on smartphone. It is a clear trend that more and more farmers are managing their business from their smartphone. "Farming in the cloud" is on the rise. Physical objects - such as the cows from the 'Cows on Web' project - are added to the internet. "Farming in the cloud" has, in the meantime, become the core of what Signum Engineering is doing and what the company wants to focus on in the coming years. "