Customers about us

Some quotes from customers who use CowsOnWeb:

"I am a big football fan and thanks to CowsOnWeb I dare to go back to a match because I know that no cow will calve that evening, I have my freedom back." - Adriansen

"As a veterinary surgeon, I am very satisfied with CowsOnWeb, so I recommend it to my clients: I do not need to go to a farm unnecessarily - sometimes in the middle of the night - because we can see with the system when the cow will calve. And the farmers themselves are obviously also satisfied. " - Lievens 

Company Cocquyt: 180 calvings per year 

Together with husband Marc and their sons Tiemen and Jarich, Christa runs the beef and veal farm of the Cocquyt-Loyson family in Pittem. At the company Cocquyt there are 180 calvings per year. Christa is very enthusiastic about the benefits of CowsOnWeb. "We no longer have to get up every three hours at night to see if a calving is about to happen. That gives more peace of mind. We can also plan our work better during the day, also for the vet. It has already happened that we get a couple of calvings together so that he does not have to drive back and forth. Our social life has improved a lot. In the past someone came home after a few hours of a party. Now we know perfectly whether we should expect a calving. Our sons are married to a woman who works outside the home. For them it is also more pleasant when they only have to leave home when the moment of a calving is really close. In addition to social and family capital gains, there is of course also an economic advantage. "By monitoring the temperature, we are on time. There is less waste in cows and calves. Calves at the right time give healthier calves and the cows a better healing of the uterus after cesarean sections. In some cows, the delivery process does not fall during a visual inspection. The calf is then crushed. With heavier calves or twists, or with calves that are backwards, we can prevent it from going wrong. "